Sun 8:22 PM
Subject: Re: Problem w/ 97 Jetta GLX/Ignition Coil Pack

> I'm an electronics technician and the owner of an '84 GTI Rabbit. I
> don't have a coil pack in my car, but I've seen it discussed enough now to
> have
> my curiosity peaked (peeked?).
> If I could get a couple of known dead and otherwise useless coil packs,
> perhaps I could do a post mortem examination of them and figure out why they
> went bad. Then, possibly, I could figure out either how to fix them or how
> to modify a working coil pack to prevent the failure.
> I'm in Durham, North Carolina, and could drive somewhere to pick them up
> or if they aren't too heavy a couple could be put in the mail to me.
> I'd post anything I come up with to the group, of course.

Already have a fix!

1. take the coil pack off the car, its like 4 6mm allen bolts

2. sand down all the post just to rough them up

3. take some sort of epoxy stuff and spredy it on the outside of each post.

4. when it hardens sand it down so that hte spark plug wire ends fit over it and seal properly

5. take some sort of mister, even glass cleaner will do if it is handy like it is for me at work

6. look for arcing to start, rev the engine if need be

7. it should be fixed but if not you will see sparks on certain terminals and you know which ones you will have to fix

I have never done this but a tech at work says that he has at a shop he works at on the weekends. We can't do it at the dealer because we have to guarantee our work through VW and you are not allowed to "fix" parts. If it doesn't work you only lost 5 bucks for the epoxy but if it does you just saved a few hundred bucks.

Now someone please put this on a site and let me know so I can just post a link instead of explaining this every time it rains for a few days straight.

Jim, if you would like send me your address and I think I have one I saved at work to try if the fix works, but I am sure I will get another one, maybe even tomorrow since it is raining, yeah more work for me he he.