Door Trim Problems?

Having problems keeping the rubber bits on the side of your A3? Look around and feel the sympathy of your fellow Drivers. After power window failures, this is probably one of the more frequently discussed problems with these cars.

So how do you fix it? Glad you asked.

Step 1 - Fix it before it comes off. If you wait until it's fallen off, you won't find it along the freeway. Also, if you wait until it's sagging, it will be harder to position properly as it will try to keep the bent shape. Get some 3M brand double sided trim tape and some wax and grease remover.

Step 2 - Finish peeling off the trim.

Step 3 - Use a plastic putty knife, your finger nails, or some other non-scratching tool to remove all the old tape.

Step 4 - Use the wax and grease remover to remove the adhesive residue, wax, grease, and whatever other spooge is in the taping area on the car and the trim.

I don't recommend this on the trim anymore, or at least do it SPARINGLY. One of the 'rubbers' actually shrunk over time! I don't have proof it was the remover I used, but if you can get the stuff off without bathing it in this stuff you'll probably be better off. Just lots of soap and water should to it.

Step 5 - Warm the trim up in the sun. It should be nice and pliable before you try to put it on. That makes it easy to bed in later, easier to place properly, AND it's shows it's about the right temperature for the tape to adhere well.

Step 6 - Apply the tape to the trim. No, on the inside... ;)

Step 7 - Apply the trim lightly to the car, taking care to put it on straight. If you don't press it on too hard, you can reposition it a time or two.

Step 8 - Press the trim firmly and evenly into the car so that the tape beds well.

Step 9 - Let it sit awhile (overnight?) before driving, washing, etc.

I've had good luck with this in the SW desert in the USA. It was over 110F today and we're not even in the warm season yet.