Step 0 - (OK, I forgot one)  PUT THE LOCK CYLINDER IN A BAGGIE SO YOU DON'T LOOSE ANY OF THOSE LITTLE PINS OR SPRINGS!  Also, you DO NOT want them falling out of the cylinder, so don't play with it
either.  If you've lost pins, or they're not in order, you'll be ahead to have a locksmith fix up the cylinder for you.  Just
remember how much you spent when you also replace the other side's lock stuff, and don't loose the stuff!

Step 1 - If you don't already have it, Get the Bentley Manual!  (check old threads for sources or just get it from the dealer
for about $20 too much)

Step 2 - Read the Bentley Manual.  Your revision will likely be different, but in mine the diagram and pertinent text is on pages 57-6 through 57-8.  The drawings help more than my description will!

Step 3 - Get the New Parts.  (old parts shown -the new ones are in the car!)  Lock cylinder, hook shaft/connecting rod, springs and a little cylindrical doo-hickey that I have no idea what it's called :)  Also needed are a tube of lithium grease and a spray can of the same gook.  You'll need something relatively small, say a dental pick, scratch awl or something to change over the pins from the old lock to the new one.  One of those long grabber tools to pick up all the parts that fell into the door when they broke is a good thing too - otherwise stuff will rattle around.  All total from the dealer should be about $60 total for both sides.  IOW, ~$30/side

Step 4 - DON'T PULL OFF THE INTERIOR TRIM.  You'll just break clips or sumthin'.  To get at the parts in the bottom of the door, remove one of the plugs at the lower rear of the door.  Use the long grabber to fish stuff out.  Put the plug back in at the end.  If you put it back now you'll probably drop something later that you'll want back <sigh>

Step 5 - Remove the Outside Door Handle.  There's a "small" screw in the door in the jamb area, just to the rear of the handle.  Remove it.  The handle will now somewhat easily slide forward.  Pull the rear of the handle out of the door and maneuver the front out.  Congrats, you've removed the door handle!

Step 6 - Disassemble the Door Handle.  Pull off the old spring, and that cylindrical thingy.  Put the handle to the side.

Step 7 - Key the New Cylinder.  Get the new lock cylinder and the old one you put in a "baggie".  This is REAL EASY.  Just don't screw up :)  What you're going to do is transfer the pins from the old lock cylinder to the new one.  This is where the tube of lithium grease comes in.  Put a little in each slot of the new lock cylinder on the side where there's a little hole beside the slot.  The hole is where the spring goes.
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