You want me to do WHAT??

If you keep your eyes open you never know just exactly what you'll find!  My favorites are misprints or typo's that made it past the speel chucker.

For instance, after reading the box my new disk fans came in, I wasn't sure I wanted to install them after all!

This is the product that REALLY got me interested in reading directions very carefully.  Note that you must be able to omit at least 2 of the 5 steps since "Installation is as easy as 1-2-3".  Also note that step 3 is quite troublesome.  I didn't want to "cook" my drives, so I read this step very carefully.

Despite my concerns, I installed the fans.  Other than some what I assume is bearing rattling for the first couple minutes of operation, they really do the job.  My once very hot hard drive runs merely warm to the touch, and the nearby CDROM drive doesn't overheat disks inside it!

This product has some interesting requirements before use.  I guess environmental friendliness can be taken too far?!

At least several female friends thought so.  So much for the advancement of science.

Other than the typo, this stuff works really well.  Just don't use it on soft plastics as it will definitely soften them.  I haven't tried it on silicones yet, but you never know.

Seems the Japanese may not fully understand the nature of the environmental movement.  The directions for removing the tamper prevention plug on a motorcycle carburetor are

I don't remember any nocturnal fowl in the Sears Tools Catalog!  Luckily I found the previous owner had removed them so I didn't need to locate one.