VW changed this part to something a bit beefier.  How this thing works is there is a loop on the back of the lock cylinder.

Should be easy to see now that you're holding it in your hand <grin>.  That loop engages with a shaft that has a hook on the end.

The other end of the shaft is "flat" and fits into the door lock mechanism.  The hook is too thin, and breaks.

The new part has a larger loop on the cylinder, to accommodate a BIGGER HOOK.  Do both doors, 'cause if one broke, likely the other one will sometime soon.  Probably most inconveniently :)

So, how do you fix it?

DISCLAIMER - Working on cars is tricky business.  If you screw something up, it's not my fault.  If you don't understand the instructions, ask questions.  If I give bad instructions and you screw up, it's still not my fault.  These instructions are only provided for information.  If you spontaneously combust, the door gets scratched or meteors fall from the sky, again, not my fault.  Have you gotten the idea so far that you're an adult and can decide whether to try this on your own or not and accept the consequences?  If so, continue on.
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