Motorcycle Consumer News - IMNSHO, the PRIMO motorcycle magazine for the thoughtful motorcyclist. Formerly Road Rider.

UTMC Underground Terrorist Motorcycle Cult UTMC – Not Terrorists (at least not like you think), but some really thoughtful essays on being a motorcyclist in a risk adverse, lifestyle intolerant society.

MOTORCYCLE ONLINE - The best online magazine I've found that's not trying to sell their print magazine.  OK, now they’re selling their online magazine for about what a print one goes for.  Lots of content you won’t find in the mainstream mags tho’.

Friction Zone - What I used to pick up free at Cycle Gear where I used to live, but can't find here in Harley Land.

Ride to Work - Instigated <?> by Rider Warehouse of Aerostitch fame and American Motorcyclist Association board member Andy Goldfine, et al, an 501(c)4 volunteer organization dedicated to promoting Ride to Work Day. Ride to Work Day is the third Wednesday in July every year. It's purpose is to encourage, promote and educate about the benefits to individuals, communities and the world of commuting by motorcycle. Read their history page for all the folks involved. Also check out their set of links.

Harry Martin Cartoons - A member / participant / resident smart 455 on the Kawasaki Concours message boards AND a talented cartoonist! He probably got you in trouble for laughing in class.

Safety & Training

There are two types of riders.  Those whose bikes have been on the ground, and those that are going to be on the ground.  Proper training and ATTITUDE go a long way toward making the frequency of bad things alot less.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation – Developer of the RiderCourses (tm?) and big promoter of motorcycle safety in the USofA.

T.E.A.M. Arizona MSF Courses - Rider training. Think you know it all? Bet you don't!

Motorcycle Web Directory - Rider Training/Safety - A list of lots of safety related sites.

Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center - In a part of the country where most will ride only a couple months, they have this really neat web page of stuff about motorcycle safety! The educational ads are great too. I really like their High-Viz web page. If you're tired of being invisible in traffic (no, it's NOT just a feeling), check it out. Still, be careful out there. Some of the Brain Dead Cagers don't see or hear fire trucks running a call.

My Concours Info?

It's over here. – I like this motorcycle. Sure, it's an old design, but it's still well suited for the riding I like to do. A mix of urban commuting during the week, mountains on weekends (in Austin – I wish!), and occasionally some “longer range” trips.

Other Stuff

Online shops that seem to be a bit off the beaten path and other sites I like. I have not necessarily tried all the shops, so don't take this as me vouching for them. They're just interesting for some reason.

Carburetor Parts Warehouse

Motorcycle Web Directory - Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

Motorcycle Web Directory - Main Menu

Murph's Kits – Gary's little business of 'screwing' the Concours community was so popular he's branched out into other parts. Some of them exclusively available from Murphs'. Personal service from Kentucky! - discount motorcycle parts – online dealer parts at a discount


Sundon Japan LTD – Japanese bike parts

Texas Info

Still learning about the Austin area, but I've found out some things:

Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-Be-Que – Good stuff. Not the vinegary or excessively goopy slop. Served up right out of the pit as you point at what you want.

Lone Star BMW/Triumph - These guy are a good motorcycle dealer. Good enough I ALMOST wish I had one of their bikes. Love the accessories they have, and the staff knows what they're talking about.

Motorcycle Special Events Team-Texas - Motorcyclists, amateur radio operators and medics, coming together to serve the community.