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Welcome.  If you’re looking for info about motorcycles, amateur radio or my random thoughts, pull up a cursor and stay awhile.  I’ve deliberately kept the page simple.  It still works on mobile devices unlike some of those fancy schmancy sites.  Yea simple!

With most of the newgroups I used to frequent basically dying (thanks Andrew Cuomo! - <censored>), and more competitive options I reluctantly moved from NewsGuy to

A3 Volkswagen Page - Stuff I've learned working on my '95 Jetta

Kawasaki Concours Pages - Collection of info on the original Kawasaki Concours

General Motorcycle Stuff - Because everything isn't just about the 'Connie'

Computers and ElectonicsComing ?soon?.  Not amateur radio related.  Tips and tricks I pick up along the way and share with all 3 of you.

Amateur Radio – Coming ?soon? too??

Funny Typos - Well, I found them funny enough to share

More to come...

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